I'm an admin here, yay.

"Should I choose Wikia or Uncyclomedia?"Edit


Uncyclomedia Wikia
Interwikis Administrators, or sometimes, interwiki managers, can set up interwiki links as they want You'll have to ask the staffers
Namespaces Administrators, or sometimes, namespace managers, can set up namespace types as they want You'll have to ask the staffers
Logo You'll have to insert some code in monobook.css/common.css. Default is a potato without a subtitle You'll have to upload an image to image:wiki.png. Default is an image saying "Wikia, this image doesn't have a logo yet"
Accessability Wiki will be down sometimes Wiki will rarely be down
Administrafying CheckUser available, can de-sysop others CheckUser not available, has to ask staffers for desysopping
Forums Has to set up forum and namespace on his/her own If wiki is in English, forum and a namespace automatically comes
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