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This is a list of all current Uncyclomedia projects. This is not a list of sites using the MediaWiki software.

See Proposals for new projects for projects currently being discussed and information about how to start a new project. See the list of Uncyclopedias for a complete list of all Uncyclopedia languages.

Uncyclomedia Foundation
Sophia (Nude).png The Uncyclopedia family: The content-free encyclopedias that anyone can edit.

The Uncyclopedia was first written in 1995 BC by Oscar Wilde, as to record all known human knowledge. It is first mentioned in the Chronicles of Uncyclopedia:

"Unus encyclopædium est bonnus por populus, mas populus est bonnus por encyclopædium."

~ Uscarus Therus a Unus encyclopædium

This is roughly translated as:

"Uncyclopedia is good for the people, but people are good for the Uncyclopedia."

~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia

Thus proving that Uncyclopedia eats people. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

But then, as a true magical creature/vegetable, Uncyclopedia split into a lot of little ***pedias, and it became just a bit too much for Uncyc, so our mama splt the scene, and her children are all growing up. Mommy, Why did you have to go an' leave us all alone? ;;

Undictionary Logo Text.png Undictionary: The ick!tionary™ of all things best left unsaid.

It was invented in 1425 BC by Oscar Wilde as a complement to his Uncyclopedia.

Quqpacmanlogo.png QuoteUnquote: "Unquotable".

Looking for a smackdown to vanquish your foe with your stunning wit, our Unquotable section is the place for you. And you can quote us on that.

UnNews Logo Potato.png UnNews: The news source on crack.

UnNews was founded by Oscar Wilde in 1429 BC, sporking Wikipedia articles.

Uncyclomedia Commons.png UnCommons: Uncyclomedia's source for content-free images.
UnBooks.png UnBooks: A collection of free no-content textbooks that you can edit.

UnBooks was another recent innovation of Uncyclomedia founded in June 2006 AC.

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