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Did you know that Uncyclopedia and Illogicopedia are not the only projects kept by Uncyclomedia?
Well, these are other humor projects which are officially an Uncyclomedia-project. These projects aren't necessarily kept on an UnMeta-server.



ComplaintWiki is a wiki project for several complaints, especially complaints about Wikia.

Encyclopaedia Daemonica

is a bizarre mixture of Uncyclopedia with Encyclopedia Dramatica that is focused in the blasphemous humor. Maybe you like this. In English.


Place for all zombies like you. Fnurdle yourself to Zombiepedia now!



Nonsensopedia is the Polish encyclopedia of humor, an ex-Uncyclopedia.



Wikimerda is a lusophone humor wiki that describes in an informal way everything that is relevant from a satirical, humorous and politically incorrect point of view.
Wikimerda é uma wiki de humor lusófona que descreve de maneira informal sobre tudo que é relevante de acordo com o ponto de vista satírico, humorístico e politicamente incorreto.


Wikinet is a wiki what mixtures internet memes with humor. In Portuguese.
Wikinet é uma wiki que mistura memes da internet com humor.

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