There are several IRC chatrooms on freenode or several Jabber (XMMS) chatrooms that may be used for general Uncyclopedia discussion, as well as for questions / comments / concerns relating to a specific part of a given Uncyclopedia's infrastructure.

We only ask that you use these channels responsibly, and refrain from harassing anyone currently occupying any of these channels. Additionally, please do not publicly log any of the conversations which take place in these channels, with the exception of humorous bits added to the Quote Database when warranted.

Please, observe the usual civility rules (these do apply to IRC), keep the good vibe, and be polite and to the topic.

Note: if you don't get any response, try "pinging" users that are in the room. Sometimes people will leave their windows minimized, but have a sound to indicate someone has said their name. Just don't ping everyone, or it may irk people and get you banned, especially in larger channels.

chat channel language purpose
#uncyclopedia United kingdom.svg English General Uncyclopedia discussion. Help is given if the right people happen to be on... maybe.
#inciclopedia Spain.svg Español
desencyclopedie France.svg Français Salon Jabber à propos de tout et de rien, surtout de rien. Vous pouvez y demander de l'aide... et même peut-être en obtenir en insistant beaucoup.
#oncyclopedia Netherlands.svg Nederlands
#ikkepedia Norway.svg Norsk
#desciclopedia Brazil.svg Português
#nons Poland.svg Polski
#necyklopedie Czech republic.svg Česky
#uncyclopedia South korea.svg 한국어 Ozinger 서버이며 UTF-8 인코딩을 사용합니다.
Network encoding is UTF-8, use Ozinger. Not on Freenode.
#s-e-uncyc Simple English
#unmeta Discussions concerning UnMeta specifically.
##en-uncyc Admin channel of some sort. Nobody's quite sure what it's for, but it's definitely an admin channel.
##wikia Unofficial Wikia channel; can be used for technical questions, although it's probably best not to mention any involvement with the various-language Uncyclopedias, as some of the channel ops don't seem to like us.

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